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VLOG #6  Aug 11, 2019

The Michael Weber Show hits the road as The Shadows of Knight backing up original frontman Jimy Sohns for Chicago area concerts featuring The Shadows of Knight's legendary 1966 smash hit "Gloria" and others.

VLOG #5  Jul 26, 2019

Michael Weber takes take you "behind the scenes" and shares the silliness and insanity that surrounded the shows/radio interview of the previous week!

VLOG #4  Oct 22, 2018

Fun footage shot on our road trip show with Jimy Sohns and The Shadows of Knight!! Less than 10% of time spent on the road is playing on stage. Watch this video and you’ll see all the silliness that occurs during the other 90%! 

VLOG #3  Aug 1, 2018

Check out The Michael Weber Show’s Vlog #3 … highlighting behind the scenes footage from 5 of our recent shows, over 5 days. Welcome to our neighborhood!

VLOG #2  Jun 25, 2018

Behind the scenes VLOG #2 is here!! It was an honor to serve as the musical director/guitarist for the #1 rated garage rock band of all time in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Shadows of Knight.

VLOG #1  May 30, 2018

This is The THE MICHAEL WEBER SHOW Show! Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at a concert? This is the first vlog documenting The Michael Weber Show, featuring the group's 4 concerts last weekend. In this episode, check out a soundcheck video of the band running through a tune for the first time, a monsoon of rain pouring on the equipment, and more!

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