Michael at age 4
w/ Counting Crows/Augustana (age 12)
James O'Connor
Josh Perelman-Hall

THE MICHAEL WEBER SHOW is an explosive, rock group centered around 22-year-old guitar phenom, Michael Weber. 


Michael has played out professionally since he was 7 years old.  His love for music is evident in every note he produces.   In 2018, Weber won MTV's “Amazingness” television talent/variety show hosted by Rob Dyrdek. He has performed hundreds of concerts with his band and various national acts, including Counting Crows and regularly with garage rock legends, The Shadows of Knight.  He is also a student at Kent State University and owner and operator of Silver Swamp Recording Studio.

The Michael Weber Show's debut cd/vinyl record album is entitled Speck in Time.  In the summer of 2016, Weber released The Hollywood EP that he wrote and recorded at the legendary United Recording Studios in Hollywood, California, with Grammy winner and Rock Hall inductee musicians, Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Jay Bellerose (Elton John, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss), and Jennifer Condos (Ray Lamontagne, Stevie Nicks). 


In 2018, two new records were released, including Live at the Palace, a recording documenting a wild headlining show at the Lorain Palace Theater, as well as Alone, a collection of home recordings, 100% written, produced, engineered, and performed by Michael Weber.

With drummer James O’Connor, multi-instrumentalist Josh Isn't, and keyboardist Billy Brock, the band is a powerful unit of rock n roll action.

Drummer, James O'Connor, is currently enrolled at The Ohio State University. James takes influences from many different genres of music, including jazz, post punk, folk, Afro-Latin, and the blues. These are comprised of Big Thief, Animal Collective, The Beach Boys, Grouper, Phil Elvrum, Tropical Fuck Storm, and Cap’n Jazz. He uses techniques from all styles to create his sound. James also writes music and performs with groups The Ballroom Charades and 


Multi-instrumentalist, Josh Isn’t, is a Cleveland-based musician, songwriter, producer, audio technologist, and video creator. As a multi-instrumentalist, he creates recordings in his studio and pairs them with funny videos to post online. In addition to The Michael Weber Show, Josh plays in a number of local groups, including Glam Folk Pop trio, The Prom Queens. Outside of music, he is an avid gamer and amateur game designer. He has aspirations to one day be a designer for the internationally popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering. He also loves puns and can cut a rug on the dance floor; don’t challenge him to a dance battle unless you want to lose!

Keyboard player, Billy Brock, attributes his love for the keys, since he was 8 years old, to his late grandmother who was an accomplished pianist, singer, and radio personality in Alabama. One of Billy’s favorite instruments is the Hammond organ, and his major influences are Booker T., John Lord, Billy Preston, and Billy Powell. When he’s not making music, he works as a stage hand and loves to rebuild and modify music gear, since he’s obsessed with how things work. Billy believes that his severe dyslexia allows him to see everything differently, and it enables  him to accomplish his goals in an alternative, creative way. Billy shows his comedic side by calling himself “the grandfather” in The Michael Weber Show since he is the oldest member at the age of 24!

Come and experience THE MICHAEL WEBER SHOW.  The band delivers the goods and will keep you wanting more.