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Up Until Now CD

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"The album 'Up Until Now' showcases 11 of my favorite tracks of my career prior to the 'Stereogram' album that we released last month."

This includes tracks that have never been officially unreleased or have never been heard before, and it's the first physical release of singles such as "C'mon C'mon," "Plain Jane," and "Miles Away." It features remixed versions of older songs, previously unreleased film score music as interludes, and it all closes with our live rendition of "Maggot Brain." Experience this collection of the best moments "Up Until Now."

1. Waiting for the End of the World

2. C'mon C'mon

3. Vignettes (Pt. I)

4. Miles Away

5. Cracks In My Armor (Live)

6. Plain Jane

7. Golden Days (Slipping Away)

8. Can't See Eye to Eye

9. Vignettes (Pt. II)

10. The Needle in the Hay

11. Maggot Brain (Live)

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