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Alone (Physical CD)

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ALONE–A collection of home recordings…100% from the musical mind of Michael Weber. On this release, Weber played all the instruments, wrote, produced, engineered, and mastered the disc, as well as designed the album artwork.Hence…entitled “Alone.”

This album contains the fuzz, hum, crackles, and noises of rock n roll. It’s real. It’s raw. From the energetic angst of “Golden Days (Slipping Away)” and “On My Own Alone” to the introspective ballads “The Needle in the Hay” and “Soliloquy,” Weber uses his self-produced recording’s lack of restrictions to embark on new musical journeys into various sonic territories.

All instruments and vocals performed by Michael Weber: (in order of first appearance) transistor organ, autoharp, drums & percussion, bass, electric guitar, synthesizers, acoustic guitar, electric piano, Hammond organ, pedal steel, acoustic piano, & toy piano.

Recorded at Silver Swamp Studios.

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